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About Omniwave

Incorporated in the State of Washington

President, CEO, Software Engineer: Doug Guillot

B.S. Electronic Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Brief History:

Various staff positions from 1985 to 2000, including NASA Electronics Engineer and Firmware Engineer for high-tech startups. Industries include agriculture, mobile communications, aerospace, fitness machines, industrial weight measuring, wireless asset tracking, data logging, bar code scanning and scientific instrumentation.

Independent consultant since 2000. Industries include

  • Consumer Electronics (satellite communications, fitness equipment and entertainment systems control)
  • Agricultural (remote monitoring, data logging and machine control)
  • Marine Telecommunications (AIS transponder)
  • Avionics (high-speed data processing for UAV drone)
  • Automotive (CAN bus diagnostic tool)
  • Restaurant Food Service (Wireless Temperature monitoring)


  • ARM Cortex, Atmel Xmega microcontrollers
  • Hand-held, battery powered devices.
  • IoT using Bluetooth and WI-FI
  • Remote monitoring equipment.
  • Low-power radio (Bluetooth LE, LoRa, 802.15.4, others).
  • Graphical LCD and matrix keypads.
  • Familiar with most common interface protocols

Specializing in Atmel SAM Cortex-M, AVR "XMEGA", UC3 ("AVR32"), and “M2M” technologies including low-power wireless networking and cellular, satellite. Windows application development under Visual C# (utilizing .NET).

Some recent clients:

  • Globalstar, Digi International, Precor USA, Lockheed Martin, Orchard Rite, Shine Micro.

I work primarily from my home office in Seattle, WA. I am best at development of code from 2,000 lines of code to 30,000 lines with or without any RTOS. I can switch at a heartbeat from Hardware to Software, from soldering iron to source-level debugging.

I can rapidly develop prototype hardware using developer kits and off-the-shelf components or I can create custom hardware ready for volume production.

Thanks for checking in. I look forward to discussing your project soon.


Doug Guillot