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Omniwave, Inc. provides engineering consulting services for developing embedded systems.

Welcome to the Omniwave website. I have been helping companies get their microprocessor-based products to market for more than 15 years (more about Omniwave).

  • Embedded Firmware development (C, assembly)
  • Prototpye / Board Bring-up
  • Android Application development (Intel XDK, Android Studio)
  • Hardware development (Design, Schematic capture and PCB layout)
  • Windows Application Development (C#, C++, .NET)

Rigado BMD-350 and BMD-300 Bluetooth BLE modules. Small, exteme low-power connectivity

LoRa LPWAN is a great technology for battery-powered and remote IoT

Cellular modems area is a convenient way to get data to your servers.

When nothing else works, connect using SBD or RUDICS over the Iridium satellite network

9AM to 5PM Pacific Time. Seattle, USA. (17:00 GMT to 01:00 GMT)

Here I use the Saleae Logic 16 (logic analyzer) to verify 8 PWM signals simultaneously on this Atmel Xplained Pro board

"A commitment to having the best design tools in house and working with cutting edge technologies and components enables Omniwave to deliver real value to its customers"

Specializing in

  • IoT / M2M communications
  • Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) Wireless Technologies
    • 802.15.4
    • Bluetooth (BLE)
    • LoRa
    • Sigfox
  • Other Wireless
    • Cellular
    • Iridium Satellite (SBD and RUDICS)
  • Microcontroller-based Product Development
    • ARM Cortex-M
    • Microchip-Atmel SAM
    • Microchip-Atmel XMEGA AVR
    • ST Micro STM32
  • Instrumentation and Data acquisition
  • Low power, portable design

Atmel SAMG55 ARM Cortex-M4 in a battery-powered consumer product (TOP: finished product, BOTTOM: prototype)

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